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I'm interested too. I sent an email to Laurent several weeks ago, but no reply. I'm a bit worried. I hope he is healthy and safe!

Awesome! It's such a useful command. In fact, I would suggest you make it more powerful - transforming it and the librarian app into the cornerstone of preset management - for not only singles, but multis and FX too.

I hear so many users wishing The River had more preset storage. Is this not a clever way to satisfy this desire? I could envision an iPad as well - complimenting the controller you just created.

So far I have avoided overwriting any factory presets by using the combination of Dump Current and the librarian app. I wish my custom names would come back to the River with the SysEx file.  :)

Speaking of the iPad app, I would love for you to create a page of X/Y pads. I tried to do it myself, but couldn't figure out what CC commands to send - or even how to send a 14-bit stream.  But this is a topic for a different time.

Thanks Lauren!

I just loaded v1.94 and noticed my favorite command, "Dump Current", is missing.  At least I don't find it under the System menu as before. Did it move? Hope it's not completely gone!

Thank you, Laurent! You are so reliable at responding! I really appreciate that. Well, I just found the answer myself by actually reading the manual..  Can you believe that?  ???. I promise there will no more dumb questions from me until I read the manual from cover to cover.   :)  Thanks again! You're awesome!

I’m not able to get both programs on a 2-layer multi to play simultaneously. Please help me understand what settings I might have wrong. This has worked just fine for me in the past.

I’ve attempted to create a two-layer multitimbral patch in the following manor:
1) I loaded factory sound “ObSweep”, deactivated the last 4 voices and tweaked the sound to my taste.
2) I selected channel 2 button and activated the last 4 voices and created a second programed.
3) I activated the second layer by setting “Active” to Yes.
4) I made the sure both layers were set to full keyboard range.
5) I made sure “Source” was set to “All” (also tried “Riv” setting but made no difference) .

Now, with both layers visible and active, if I select the channel 1 button, layer 1 is highlighted, but only its program plays. Then if I select channel 2, layer 2 is highlighted, and only its program plays. Should they not both be heard together? Thanks in advance.

Discussion (English preferably) / Re: wiki-manual?
« on: May 07, 2020, 07:46:13 PM »
Yes, that's very close. But, what do you think about actually putting the owner's manual (exactly the way it is written now) on the wiki page as a starting point for users to add to add comments? You would instruct us NOT TO MODIFY your original text, but only to add to it. I think there is a benefit to structuring the conversation around the user's manual. The main benefit is the input is not just random topics in a chronological list, but structured in the way one would typically follow a manual. I think the owner's manual is natural place to add comments based on typical users' work flow-  as follows: 1) we're play and experiment on the River; 2) we have a question or curiosity about a function; 3) we read the owner's manual, but maybe it's not clear; 4) we try to follow the instructions, but need to experiment to gain clarity; 5) finally we figure it out; 6) now is when we add what we learned to the manual.  Does this make sense?

Discussion (English preferably) / Re: wiki-manual?
« on: May 06, 2020, 04:37:37 PM »
Laurent, When you say Wiki, are you referring to this general forum? If there is a wiki specific to the manual, I did not realize that and thus my apologies.

Discussion (English preferably) / wiki-manual?
« on: May 05, 2020, 10:38:02 PM »
What do people think about creating and maintaining a River "wiki-manual"? I'm thinking we could structure it around the existing owner's manual and embellish it where we feel it's confusing, vague or could use some examples. I found that, while the manual mostly describes things very well, there are other places where I really struggle to understand or wish there was more information.

As an example, the explanation of "Dump Current" in the manual was very limited, but through experimentation I was delighted to learn that it not only stores singles, but multis, layers and effects as well. But now I'm curious how best to use these individual SysEx files. For example, from within the librarian software, can I build user banks by dragging and dropping them into open bank slots? 

Another helpful inclusion could be brief explanations of the general function and use full techniques of various dials as related to basic analog programming. For example, the FM dial. We know Laurent does a great job offering helpful hints in many sections in the manual, but the more the merrier. I realize there's a wealth of knowledge out there on the internet, yet not specific to The River.

Laurent, I hope I'm not out of place proposing this idea. Please let us know if you have objections. What do others think about this idea? We could simply start with a Google doc.

Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Your wishes ;)
« on: May 05, 2020, 05:06:48 AM »
Replace the glossy surface of the magnetic strip with a matte-finish surface. The current glossy surface picks up glare and reflections from surrounding lights and becomes difficult to read. I've experimented by simply applying a strip of 3M Magic Tape onto the existing glossy surface and it very effectively eliminates the glare. You lose a bit of contrast, but overall, it's much easier to read.

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