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I was able to fix the issue where riverkey setups weren't being saved with my multi saves.  I reset the riverkey by power cycling the synth and holding down SHIFT in the river key.  Now all my multis are saving correctly.  Now all I need to figure out is whether I can save my own riverkey profile using the profile manager, and then I'll be good to go :)

Will you let us know if you were successful with this?

Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Youpi, holidays ;)
« on: April 18, 2019, 02:42:29 AM »
Hope your vacation is fun and relaxing!


It's time to take a vacation before facing SuperBooth, SynthFest and Batch 3;)
I will be absent and certainly badly connected from 17th to 27th April.
In case of trouble, it will be necessary to wait for my return.

Best regards


Thank you, SugarFree. I will try these out and see which works best for me.

It still doesn't sound easy to do though.

Let me start by saying that The River has the most counterintuitive MIDI architecture I know of, and the English manual doesn't exactly help.

I have found 4 ways to connect to a DAW.

- connect with one USB cable, from the USB PANEL output on the back of The River.
- set up one Riverkey layer
  L1    active: ON
         source: River
         destination: River
SYSTEM > Local Off: ON (to avoid double notes)
SYSTEM > Dump To USB: YES (to transmit knob movements)

PROs: setup with only 1 layer, transmits and receives knob movements
CONs: your DAW can only control The River, but not other synths connected to it (neither with MIDI nor CV)

- connect with a pair of MIDI cables
- set up at least two Riverkey layers
  L1    active: ON
         source: River
         destination: MIDI
  L2    active: ON
         source: MIDI
         destination: River
  L3    active: ON (for CV synths)
         source: MIDI
         destination: CV destinations

SYSTEM > Local Off: OFF

PROs: your DAW can control other synths connected to The River (MIDI THROUGH or CV)
CONs: slightly more complex setup, can't transmit knob movements

- connect with one USB cable, from the USB KEY output on the back of The River.
- set up at least two Riverkey layers
  L1    active: ON
         source: River
         destination: USB
  L2    active: ON
         source: USB
         destination: River
  L3    active: ON (for other MIDI synths)
         source: USB
         destination: MIDI
  L4    active: ON (for CV synths)
         source: USB
         destination: CV destinations

SYSTEM > Local Off: OFF

PROs: your DAW can control other synths connected to The River (MIDI OUT or CV)
CONs: more complex setup, can't transmit knob movements

- a mix of OPTION A+B or A+C

PROs: transmits and receives knob movements, and your DAW can control other synths (MIDI THROUGH or MIDI OUT or CV)
CONs: very complex setup, with two sets of cables

Other considerations:
The word "channel" in the manual sometimes stands for "River Channel" or "MIDI Channel". Likewise, "USB" may mean "USB KEY" or "USB PANEL".
"Dump to USB" should not be confused with the SYSEX Dump commands (Current, All Single, All Multi, The River). It means "transmit the panel controls (knob movements) via the USB PANEL out", it's not a data dump.

I have read through the MIDI question from last August and wonder if it is similar to my question below. I am still on version 1.60 and will update soon if that helps.

My Friends, I have another simple request for help: I am about ready to begin making some River demos. After reading the manual I am still unclear on how to set a midi channel. For instance; I have a dance I would like to record from a musical play I have on my DAW using my River for each part.
Let's say I use harp on midi channel 1. I choose a sound on my river and have Logic send midi channel 1 to play my River. Then track 2 uses strings and I want to change to midi channel 2 on my River and use a string sound to play the track. And so on with track 3 being a lead sound, etc. Where and how do I do this? I hope it is probably quite easy but I have not discovered how. Thank you, Wes

Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Help a few of us New Owners
« on: February 21, 2019, 02:35:30 AM »
So happy to have your help! I will try these. I did read your and coyote's instruction on the effects. I will implement those tips. My singles lately have all been 8 voices so I must have layered something or disabled some voices without knowing it. What a lovely sounding synth. I can't wait to dig in more and use it in some compositions. I will post them on the gearslutz thread as soon as I have the time to create them! :)
Thanks again,

Discussion (English preferably) / Help a few of us New Owners
« on: February 09, 2019, 02:47:22 AM »
My Friends, I'm a new owner (#28) and I have a couple of questions (and I'm sure I will have more) as I learn the ins and outs of my River. They may be silly mistakes on my part or simply a misunderstanding of the River's complex architecture but if you could help me find the answers I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
#1) How do I tell if the chorus or effects are on a preset? I don't see the Chorus 1, 2 or 3 buttons lit up or the FX button. But some of the presets sound like they have effects on them.
#2) I would swear that I am running out of voices at 4. When I have four keys pressed and press a 5th key the note of the first key pressed drops out. On some synths buttons or LEDs light up to indicate what voice is being used or how many voices are being used. I believe Deepmind has this feature, some of Dave Smith's synths have it and my Andromeda has this. Does The River? Is it possible I am in some layered mode instead of Single mode? I thought I followed the instructions to get into single mode but maybe I am layered and using two voices per key. I have barely scratched the surface due to working on a musical with my students but, so far, these two items have confounded me.

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