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I'm interested!  :)
Interessé aussi !  ;D, du nouveau de ce coté..?
Manuels et utilisation / Manuals and tips / Dernier manuel , last manual
« Last post by Baloran on September 02, 2020, 03:43:30 PM »
Dernier manuel pour version 2.1 et +
Last manual for firmware 2.1 and +
Logiciels/MAJ/Softwares/Updates / Re: Derniere version 2.00 / Last version 2.00
« Last post by Baloran on September 02, 2020, 03:42:03 PM »
Please take the version 2.1, no change on autotune function with the 2.0,  and check that all firmware are updated. And make a Reset Autotune. And retest.

Discussion (En français de préférence) / Re: EEPROM et Support pour IPAD / BEATSTEP
« Last post by Baloran on September 02, 2020, 03:39:29 PM »
Ca va venir assez rapidement, les photos sont faîtes et j'ai commencé à distribuer le support avec quelques instruments du lot 4.
I’ve been running the setup I described above successfully, except that I can’t get the River to respond to my incoming MIDI clock (coming in via the MIDI ports).  I’ve been working around this by just manually setting the tempo and then fixing the slight timing offsets in the DAW later, but I would like to figure out how to just always slave the River to the MIDI clock coming from my Cirklon.  Anyone have this working?
Logiciels/MAJ/Softwares/Updates / Re: Derniere version 2.00 / Last version 2.00
« Last post by KazRemark on August 30, 2020, 12:44:41 AM »
I'm having an issue since updating to 2.0.  One of my saved multis will go out of tune often, and usually when I use the quicktune it fixes it.  But today every time I run quick tune I get a different version that is out of tune.  So quick tune isn't performing consistently on this multi it seems. I tried running a tune all as well with the same issue.
Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Where did the "Dump Current" command go?
« Last post by KazRemark on August 09, 2020, 07:28:53 AM »
Good call, I haven't actually used this.  I guess I could use it to always save the multi for a song, and reserve Bank 01 Patch 01 to always load the "current" multi for a given track?
Salut les amis,
Pour le moment, la notion de layer et de canaux midi est distincte, et dans un multi-programme, chaque layer doit être assignée à un canal différent, et le clavier doit être splitté, , même si l'objectif final est de jouer sur un seul ou deux  layers, lorsque d'autres layers jouent des séquences ou arpèges en arrière-plan.
Cela me convient parfaitement, mais j'aimerais que The River soit doté d'un autre mode, où chaque layer pourrait être jouée par le séquenceur, l'arpégiateur ou le clavier, sans avoir à splitter le clavier.
Dans sa dernière mise à jour, Laurent nous a déjà offert une nouvelle et chouette fonction qui permet de jouer sur une séquence, en désactivant sa transposition, mais le clavier jouera toujours le même son que la séquence.
Laurent, est-ce qu'on pourrait aller plus loin dans ce sens?
Hi friends,
I'm Jean-Philippe Rykiel, a happy, very happy, river user from Paris France.
For the moment, the notion of layers and channels are distinct, and in a multi-programme, each layer has to be assigned to a different channel, and the keyboard has to be splitted to, even if your final goal is to play on one or 2 layers, when other layers are running sequences or arpeggios in the background.
This is perfectly all right with me, but I would love the river to have another mode, where each layer could be played by the sequencer, the arpeggiater or the keyboard, without having to split anything.
In his latest software, Laurent already implemented a nice feature which allows playing over a sequence, by bypassing its transpose function, but the keyboard will always play the same sound as the sequence. Laurent, could you  go further in this direction?
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