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Merci pour ton retour Yves ;)
Je m'en vais essayer de trouver un adaptateur lightning-usb alors ;)
Merci pour l'explication!

Voilà, c'est Updaté en 2.0 !  ;D Un peu de mal pour downloader mais ça marche!

Après recherche et lecture, il s'avère que ça marche avec un adaptateur Lightning-usb et un câble usb. L'Ipad Pro est donc branché directement dans le river avec un câble usb.

ça marche super, c'est trop fun et je sens que je vais y passer la nuit haha.

Non, le beatsptep peut être alimenté par un vulgaire chargeur (téléphone ou multiple...)  , mais oui il doit être alimenté par la prise USB.

Pour l'Ipad, il faut acheter si tu ne l'as pas déjà TouchOSC via le store. Toutes les infos sur le site de l'éditeur :

Pour installer le layer sur Ipad, il faut passer par l'appli TouchOSC Editor dispo sur le même site (Mac et Windows) .  Ton Ipad et ton ordi doivent être sur le même réseau, certianement un WIfi. 
Avec cette appli, tu ouvres le fichier que je fournis : "The River IPad Pro.touchosc" et tu cliques  SYNC. Sur l'IPad dans Touch OSC,  tu fais  layout / add / il te montera ton PC et tu sélectionnes le fichier "The River Ipad Pro" puis "done" et tu as le bel écran du contrôleur sur Ipad.

Bon ensuite, c'est plus compliqué, il faut lire un peu

Deux solutions, tu utilises un câble pour connecter ton IPad ou tu utilises le Wifi....
Dans mon cas, mon IPAD est connecté à une iConnectMidi+ qui route l'IPad vers le midi in de The River.  Sinon, tu peux installer TouchOSC Bridge que te permettra de connecter l'Ipad en Wifi vers The River, a condition que Midi ou USB du River soit connecté à ton ordi.

Hello Laurent,

Je présume que le BeatStep Pro doit être impérativement connecté à un ordi pour être alimenté?

Sinon, j'ai un iPad Pro, voudrais-tu me donner la procédure, et/ou l'interface nécessaire pour connecter mon iPad au River?

Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Your wishes ;)
« Last post by SugarFree on June 10, 2020, 07:16:01 AM »
Moog One has this feature. Turning on the Unison Mode lets you choose 2-16 voices per note. Being able to play chords with 2-3 voices per note is very useful.
Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Your wishes ;)
« Last post by Baloran on June 10, 2020, 12:52:28 AM »
Personally, I do not see the point of setting up this function. Let me explain. In the context of playing with chords of two or three fingers, as on a paraphonic instrument, it is useful but not transendent...

If I now pluck a two-finger chord with my right hand, I affect 2 x 4, I don't release, and I play a lead with the less straight one.  Damn, no more voices available, so I have to steal voices from a chord that is maintained. It's not nice...

So I could say, that I affect two voices or three voices, but always the same problem, if I hold the notes down.

So I'm really not convinced ;)

Now to be able to say that for this sound, each note has to be played in 1,2,3 or 4 voices is interesting. I just simulated it with two to four identical layers. Ok for next version (2.0x). When you push Unisson, you can select full or 2,3,4 voices....

Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Your wishes ;)
« Last post by VEdesign on June 09, 2020, 01:53:20 AM »
With The River, you can make the same...
channel 1 with 1 to n voices and unisson
and another chanel or not with the unused voices ;)
Thanks Laurent, synthwalker gave the key notion here: "dynamic allocation of voices / notes"

Can it be possible to let The River define dynamically this allocation of voices / notes depending on what we play like the Jupiter-4 & Jupiter-8?

So without static and restricting setup in menus, The River decides all the time the number of voices to play analysing the number of active notes all the time. If we push one key, The River launches the 8 voices, if we play 2 notes 4 voices per note and so on.
How many voices if we play 3 keys?  :P It should be 2 voices for all 3 notes... or a smarter allocation than that, let's say  voices for 2 of these 3 notes played and 3 for the 3rd note.

If it's not already possible, that can be a really nice feature to add. As an option to give more possibilities with The River depending on the sound we are searching to reach.
Awesome! It's such a useful command. In fact, I would suggest you make it more powerful - transforming it and the librarian app into the cornerstone of preset management - for not only singles, but multis and FX too.

I hear so many users wishing The River had more preset storage. Is this not a clever way to satisfy this desire? I could envision an iPad as well - complimenting the controller you just created.

So far I have avoided overwriting any factory presets by using the combination of Dump Current and the librarian app. I wish my custom names would come back to the River with the SysEx file.  :)

Speaking of the iPad app, I would love for you to create a page of X/Y pads. I tried to do it myself, but couldn't figure out what CC commands to send - or even how to send a 14-bit stream.  But this is a topic for a different time.

Thanks Lauren!
Logiciels/MAJ/Softwares/Updates / Re: Derniere version 2.00 / Last version 2.00
« Last post by Baloran on June 08, 2020, 06:09:15 PM »
2.00 Ready !!!
Discussion (English preferably) / Re: Where did the "Dump Current" command go?
« Last post by Baloran on June 08, 2020, 04:54:23 PM »
It comes back in 2.00 and fixed: in the previous version, the settings of The Triko were not well restored ;)
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