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A wish, a function that you would like present in future versions?

A first proposed by Laurent, to start the sequencers arpeggiators with a pedal.

#1 - A global option where the Channel and Voice buttons would indicate which mode is currently selected, without having to press S first.

When I program a sound, I have no use of switching between different layers or allocating voices. Being able to always see which mode has been selected for all the encoders would be very useful. Looking up this information on the tiny screen, or by pressing S is not as easy.
Pressing S, could show the Channel/Voice allocation.

#2 - Low frequency range for OSC2, engaged by double double-tapping 32'. It would work as a 2nd analog LFO for FILTER CUTOFF modulation.
(for both INTERVAL KEY ON and KEY OFF mode)

#3 Pedal control for the S button.
Right now it only works with the S_KEY button, which doesn't help if you're actually playing the keyboard at the same time.

#4 - secondary function for [FM FILTER]: FM OSC1


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