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User's Manual in English Now !!!


The latest version of the manual in English can download here:
I am waiting for your remarks, corrections etc ...  !!! ;)

Amazing... :-)


--- Quote from: Baloran on December 15, 2018, 10:46:48 AM ---I am waiting for your remarks, corrections etc ...  !!! ;)

--- End quote ---

It is great to have the manual to read in when waiting for the actual The River ;)
To very tiny things I've seen so far:

* Chapter IV, 1, a
Here a few French words should be deleted from the start of the sentence: "Une commande (bouton, pote A command (button, potentiometer, encoder) can have several functions, ..."

* The very last figure (Triko Diagram), has the following text for number 16:
"16- Audio Outputs G and D in TRS and XLR 6.35 jack format". I believe it should be L and R in English, and not G and D?

That's the French touch... ;-)


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