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I would like to say thank you that someone took so much time and muse to create this instrument. There are many synthesizers out there, but only a few reach the soul. The River does and it touches you in the right place! The synth engine, the reverb, the chorus (triko) together make a unit that makes a lot of sense and is easy to use. I think it's extraordinary that somebody can do something like this on his own, considering how many employees Moog has, for example! Of course you can't compare apples with pears, but for me the most important thing is how something sounds and there don't seem to be the trained ears in various manufacturers to check that. There's another feature and there's another effect - but does it really sound better or did you just do something for marketing to finally have a sales argument? Either way, the River hit the selling point of the beautiful sound! A modern classic with meaningful contemporary additions without compromising the sound. This allows a composition to be given much more depth and with a thin arrangement the sound alone can speak for itself. Simply beautiful!

Thanks Mr. Baloran :-)

Thanks, it's a pleasure to red you ;)
and take care!

Unmissable topic here!

I fully agree with Reno: it's very impressive and you can be so proud of your creation Laurent...
The Moog One, even in its 16-voice version, doesn't make me dream as much as The River. Reno said the word - soul - and that's exactly that. Each of the 8 voices of The River has a real life, a life we don't hear on a lot of synths, even on very expensive synths... Amazing piece of gear, so inspirational and more human and emotional than other machines.

Can't wait to discover your future products Laurent and thank you once again.

France should celebrate you and be proud to have someone as talented (and humble) as you.


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