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Can't get both programs on a 2-layer multi to play simultaneously


I’m not able to get both programs on a 2-layer multi to play simultaneously. Please help me understand what settings I might have wrong. This has worked just fine for me in the past.

I’ve attempted to create a two-layer multitimbral patch in the following manor:
1) I loaded factory sound “ObSweep”, deactivated the last 4 voices and tweaked the sound to my taste.
2) I selected channel 2 button and activated the last 4 voices and created a second programed.
3) I activated the second layer by setting “Active” to Yes.
4) I made the sure both layers were set to full keyboard range.
5) I made sure “Source” was set to “All” (also tried “Riv” setting but made no difference) .

Now, with both layers visible and active, if I select the channel 1 button, layer 1 is highlighted, but only its program plays. Then if I select channel 2, layer 2 is highlighted, and only its program plays. Should they not both be heard together? Thanks in advance.

Yes, you must select "All" or "midi" with the mode button.
Mode "select" if for listening just selected channel ;)
With 2 layer, tou can use two arpege/sequence together, it's fine ! 

Another solution with just one layer. Use RDIR page for redir Channel 2 to 1. In this case any eventh for Channel 1 is received by Channel 2.   

Thank you, Laurent! You are so reliable at responding! I really appreciate that. Well, I just found the answer myself by actually reading the manual..  Can you believe that?  ???. I promise there will no more dumb questions from me until I read the manual from cover to cover.   :)  Thanks again! You're awesome!

 ;D ;D ;D


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