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Where did the "Dump Current" command go?


I just loaded v1.94 and noticed my favorite command, "Dump Current", is missing.  At least I don't find it under the System menu as before. Did it move? Hope it's not completely gone!

It comes back in 2.00 and fixed: in the previous version, the settings of The Triko were not well restored ;)

Awesome! It's such a useful command. In fact, I would suggest you make it more powerful - transforming it and the librarian app into the cornerstone of preset management - for not only singles, but multis and FX too.

I hear so many users wishing The River had more preset storage. Is this not a clever way to satisfy this desire? I could envision an iPad as well - complimenting the controller you just created.

So far I have avoided overwriting any factory presets by using the combination of Dump Current and the librarian app. I wish my custom names would come back to the River with the SysEx file.  :)

Speaking of the iPad app, I would love for you to create a page of X/Y pads. I tried to do it myself, but couldn't figure out what CC commands to send - or even how to send a 14-bit stream.  But this is a topic for a different time.

Thanks Lauren!

Good call, I haven't actually used this.  I guess I could use it to always save the multi for a song, and reserve Bank 01 Patch 01 to always load the "current" multi for a given track?


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