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EEPROM for The River and Support for IPAD / BEATSTEP

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The EEPROMs to enjoy the Shimmer and Cosmos in the effects of The River are ready. As I announced, it's free for all The River customers of course ;) I'll take care of the postage (simple envelope). If for some destinations this is a problem and that a special and expensive postage is imposed to me, I contact you.
I remind you that you have to open The River to change the EEPROM. It's simple and a PDF document with explanations and pictures will be available soon. In no case will this operation change the conditions of the warranty if you follow the instructions in the document.

The removable IPad / BeatStep support will be available in July in the colour of your The River.  I'm a little annoyed, I couldn't get it at a low price, the paint is expensive ... Its cost will be 70€ plus shipping.

If you plan to buy this shelf, I can put the EEPROMs in the parcel of course.  Leave me a message if you are interested in the EEPROM and/or the support.

PS : The stand with pictures etc... will be available for sale on the Baloran website.

intéressé! ;D

I'm interested too. I sent an email to Laurent several weeks ago, but no reply. I'm a bit worried. I hope he is healthy and safe!

Interessé aussi !  ;D, du nouveau de ce coté..?

I'm interested!  :)


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