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Feature request, easier ways of playing over a sequence or arpeggio


Hi friends,
I'm Jean-Philippe Rykiel, a happy, very happy, river user from Paris France.
For the moment, the notion of layers and channels are distinct, and in a multi-programme, each layer has to be assigned to a different channel, and the keyboard has to be splitted to, even if your final goal is to play on one or 2 layers, when other layers are running sequences or arpeggios in the background.
This is perfectly all right with me, but I would love the river to have another mode, where each layer could be played by the sequencer, the arpeggiater or the keyboard, without having to split anything.
In his latest software, Laurent already implemented a nice feature which allows playing over a sequence, by bypassing its transpose function, but the keyboard will always play the same sound as the sequence. Laurent, could you  go further in this direction?


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